Cielo. Le Acque di Cielo

Client: cielo

Le Acque di Cielo Collection 2020
Alga, Anemone, Corallo, Ninfea, Oltremare, Smeraldo.
TO TELL: As with words, also with colours. Ceramica Cielo presents “Le Acque di Cielo”; a collection of intense tones, once again inspired by nature, but characterised by shiny reflections. This new glossy palette joins the existing matt colours of “Le Terre di Cielo” enabling you to create new sensations and therefore new stories. The possibilities of interpretation are remarkable, from a more traditional and sober concept to the creation of more daring combinations, which can follow trends and fashions, not only in the architectural field. It is now possible for you to combine glossy and matte colours in the same project. In this way bathroom finally frees itself from the sole idea of functionality and stands on a par with the other rooms in the house.
Ph Davide Lovatti